Zoey can't believe that Mark has turned into Deep Blue. Sardon explains who Deep Blue is and why they were waiting for his awakening. Elliot blames himself for not having done anything earlier and rushes to help the Mew Mews. Zoey tries to get Deep Blue to remember her by showing him the bell collar given to her by Mark, but it seems to be useless. The four other Mews have to protect Zoey from Deep Blue's attacks, as she doesn't want to fight him. Deep Blue uses his sword to destroy Tokyo. Having finally realized that he is not Mark anymore, Mew Zoey tries to attack him, but Deep Blue is much stronger. Zoey is saved by Elliot, who tells her that everything was just as the Earth wanted it to be, and that she and the other Mew Mews are chosen to protect it. The final battle begins.

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